On line Privacy Policy:


Right, I don’t knowingly collect data about your visit but it seems I need a privacy policy, so this is it. It appears cookies possibly collect data about your visit but I have no idea how this happens or how to stop it happening, or how to look at the data collected or how to use it. This data certainly won’t ever be used for marketing purposes or passed on to third parties. How’s that for a privacy policy? :)


This site is to help and/or advise you, not to sell you stuff (except perhaps my boiler repair service in passing, obviously). By all means email me if ‘privacy’ is your field of expertise and you can suggest ways to improve my privacy statement here and/or enhance my visitor experience from a privacy point of view. This would be much appreciated actually. Gosh how I miss the days when the Internet was simple and none of this rubbish was necessary….


Sets a technical cookie recording you deny consent, you won't be asked again. Apparently.

Removes the consent cookie from your browser. Or so I understand.

Off Line Privacy Policy:


I also have an “Off Line Privacy Policy” covering personal data of yours collected if/when you call me to enquire about my boiler repair service. See here.

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