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I am still carrying out house visits. Full details explained


(Last updated 21st April 2021)

Coronavirus policy:

Updated Monday 26th April 2021

It is important I don’t contract COVID-19 not only because I am in a higher risk category, but also because you as a possible customer need me not to be an asymptomatic carrier.  So for the past year I have been taking care to reduce the number of people I come into contact with by limiting my work to carrying out just one repair visit per day, rather than the two,  three repairs I used to do before COVID. Where possible I choose repair situations which seem to present the least risk. The lowest risk is an empty house or flat. Somewhat higher is an occupied home but where the customer is happy to retire to another room and leave me alone to carry out the repair, only interacting with me to explain the fault nd to pay the bill :)  I’m least comfortable visiting a busy household with several people and/or children in occupation although this has become less of a concern this last few weeks. I also give priority to people with a special need, e.g medical, elderly, shielding etc. Text or call me me and tell me and I’ll discuss in more detail with you. .

Finally, I will wear a face covering and socially distance if I visit, and if anyone is at home while I visit I will require them to do the same please.

I regularly review and update this policy in response to changing circumstances, so it may be different if you visit again. 

Some good news is I received my second dose of AstraZenica vaccine on Friday 16th April this year, which means not only that I am less likely to contract COVID-19,  but I am less likely unwittingly to become an asymptomatic carrier than before. 


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