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The measures I take against transmission during a visit are explained



Last updated 21st August 2020.

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It is important to me and hopefully to you, to minimise the risks of virus transmission during a visit, so this page explains the measures I take:

Firstly, I have reduced the number of house calls I make in the first place by declining non-urgent visits, for example annual serving of gas appliances. So by meeting fewer customers, I am less likely to be a carrier than otherwise.

Secondly if I can help you on the phone to resolve a problem, I’m happy to do so. Not all breakdowns turn out to be gas-related and some people are very technically skilled in their own fields of expertise, so with some guidance on the phone or by text I am finding I can help certain people trace and fix their own heating faults. Phone conversations, video conversations, WhatsApp or text and photo-swapping can all help guide people to achieving a solution.

Thirdly if you arrange a visit, I’ll take the following basic precautions: 

1) I carry alcohol-based hand cleaner in my van which I’ll use before entering your house.

2) I’ll wear disposable gloves where practical during the visit, and a face mask. 

3) I won’t offer to shake hands with you.

4) I shall maintain social distancing as much as practical and expect you to do the same. 

5) I’d prefer you to retire to another room rather than watch me working. Not because I mind being watched at work, but to minimise any risk of transmission. You’ll probably intend to do this anyway.

6) For payment, I’ll suggest you call out your debit card number to me and I’ll enter the number into my card reader myself, so you don’t have to touch my card machine buttons which other people may have touched.

7) I can photograph your invoice/receipt and send it by text or if you prefer me not to leave behind the paper original, which I will have touched. 

A few of these measures may seem unnecessary to some customers, but others are appreciative that I take reduction of the chances of virus transmission seriously. If there is anything else you would like me to do during a visit to reduce chances of transmission, please let me know and I’ll happily oblige. 

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