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Mike the Boilerman


I'm Mike Bryant, also known as “Mike the Boilerman”. Welcome to my website. 

I specialise in mending boilers (central heating and hot water boilers that is, not steam engine boilers!) In particular I specialise in maintaining older, non-condensing boilers which these days people are beginning to see as 'vintage' or ‘classic’ boilers, well worth keeping due to their simplicity and general reliability compared to modern condensing boilers. These tend to be the boilers other technicians are prone to declaring "can't be fixed mate (or Luv), can't get the parts". This is rarely true and sadly results in many perfectly repairable older boilers being scrapped.

Anyway getting back on topic, I have decades of experience as a general plumber and heating engineer but I find fault-tracing in boilers strangely interesting so these days I specialise in maintaining and repairing hot water and central heating systems. 

Just to be clear, although I'm Gas Safe Registered I don't do installation work. I'm a repair specialist. I don't fit new boilers, radiators, cookers, hobs, gas fires or new anything, I fix things that have been installed by others and have now stopped working.

I'm qualified for, and happily deal with, almost all domestic gas, LPG, and warm air central heating systems. I'm also qualified to work on mobile homes. The only class of domestic heating appliances I don't work on is oil-fired appliances. (Although you'll find me listed as OFTEC qualified oil technician I haven't accumulated a good range of experience with oil boilers. Nor do I carry the stock and tools needed to provide a good quality and efficient repair service, so I no longer offer oil boiler repairs.) 

Regarding areas I cover, I’m happy to drive quite long distances if necessary but beware, I do charge for the time I spend travelling as well as time on site. This means however, no matter where you live, I’m willing to visit if you are happy to cover the cost. I regularly travel to repair boilers up to about 90 minutes each way, in places such as Bristol, Reading, Salisbury, Swindon, Bournemouth and Guildford. Longer trips have been to places like Alfreton (Derbyshire), Leicester, Exeter and Ipswich. 

This site is a collection of my comments on subjects I regularly get asked about, in no particular order. Perhaps you'll find them useful; perhaps not :-) just use the links in the menu to see what I have to say on each subject.

And finally, a quick bit of background about me. I live in small thatched cottage a village near Hungerford in west Berkshire. I left technical college to become a mechanical engineer but I quickly became dissatisfied with the corporate environment and left to be a self-employed technician repairing boats. I gravitated into plumbing and joined the Institute of Plumbers (now the Chartered Institute of plumbing and Heating Engineering) in 1984. More recently I specialised in bathroom design and renovation. I made another change in 2001 when I re-registered with CORGI (now Gas Safe Register) in order to specialise in boiler fault-tracing and diagnosis.  Virtually all I do these days is fault-tracing and repairing the older, the more awkward and the more unusual boilers which which other technicians seem unwilling to deal!

I'm happy to answer questions and queries about plumbing and heating by text or email (even if you are not a customer) There's no charge, but during busy periods there may be a delay, and during REALLY busy periods no answer at all. In addition, simple and well-framed questions usually get answered ahead of vague or complicated ones! Ask me at miketheboilerman at gmail.com

Thanks for visiting.

Mike Bryant

Associate of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering, Registered Plumber, Gas Safe Registered gas technician

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