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I am still carrying out house visits. Full details explained


(Last updated 21st April 2021)

Contacting me, more information…

Firstly as people often call and ask, I am based in the village of Great Bedwyn, roughly half way between Hungerford Berkshire and Marlborough Wiltshire. So I’m within easy reach of the M4 for anywhere between Bristol and west London, and the A34 for Oxford down to the south coast. Happy to travel further if necessary but need to charge for my travelling time! 

My contact details are:

Email: miketheboilerman AT gmail.com

Mobile/text 07866 766364


I’d quite like you to read this too:

Please note I am a boiler technician specialising in boiler fault tracing and breakdown repair. I'm not an installer - I don't install appliances or carry out plumbing work of any description so no point in asking me to fit a boiler or connect up your new gas cooker.

The only work I do is repairing boilers that have stopped working, which hopefully leads to me being quite good at it. And these days I work almost exclusively on 'vintage' or 'legacy' boilers, by which I mean boilers ten years old or a good deal more, and/or where the owner believes parts are 'hard to get' or 'not available'. Often not the case with the thousands of better quality vintage boilers still out there. Call me and see if I think I can repair yours. I'll probably say yes.

I get a steady trickle of contacts asking if I'm still trading. Yes I am as of 24th November 2020! I'll update this date periodically so you'll know it's real.

If you are considering asking me to visit and fix your boiler, then in busy periods (winter) it's better to text me rather than phone or email. If you phone you'll almost certainly get my voicemail but texts tend to penetrate better when I’m getting more enquiries than I can cope with. I’ll ask you some detailed questions about what's wrong and give you my best estimate of the likely cost to fix it. My mobile number is always the best number to get me on, it's 07866 766 364, whether calling or texting me.


Calls for annual servicing:

In busy periods (Autumn and Winter) it seems only fair that I should give priority to callers with boiler breakdowns and no heating or hot water over calls for non-urgent annual servicing or maintenance. So if you call me asking for a non-urgent boiler service during a cold snap I'm less likely to respond than if you call me in the Spring or Summer.

Technical advice requests: 

If you want to contact me solely for some technical advice, please note I happy to answer emailed questions but only when I have time. I get so many emails it is no longer possible for me to answer everyone these days. My email is miketheboilerman@gmail.com. You may get a reply, you may not, depending on how many emails arrive in my in-box that day. If you email me for technical advice please also bear in mind human nature - I tend to answer concise, well-drafted emails FIRST, particularly those stating the make AND model of boiler and the exact problem clearly, and leave the more rambling or vague emails for later (or maybe never) ;-)

Areas I cover:

I'll go more or less anywhere to repair a boiler on my list of boilers in which I specialise, but bear in mind I charge an hourly rate for my time including the time I spend travelling to and from site. The time log starts when I leave home and stops when I get back. I live in a small village near Hungerford in West Berkshire but travel to Reading once or twice a week, so if you are wondering if I cover your area then the answer is probably 'yes' provided you being happy to pay for my travelling time to you and back from either Hungerford (or from Reading if I happen to be going there anyway on the day) as well as repairing time. This policy lets you the customer decide which areas I cover rather than me arbitrarily saying I go 'here' but not 'there'. Now it's entirely up to you!

In reality this means most of my repairs are relatively local as it quickly becomes uneconomic to employ me to travel more than 100 miles or so. However, with the less common appliances or awkward breakdowns where local engineers seem unable to carry out a proper repair, people still find it worthwhile to pay for my travelling as they can rely on getting a proper repair still at a significantly lower cost than fitting a brand new appliance.

I regularly travel significant distances under these circumstances. West London is a common trip and can be surprisingly close time-wise. (A lot depends of local roads and parking availability at the destination). For central or east London the traveling time is typically 2 to 2.5 hours each way from here in west Berkshire. I've also carried out repairs in Bristol, Daventry, Bournemouth and Yeovil, to give more examples of places within reach. The furthest I've been to fix a boiler so far has been Alfreton in Derbyshire, a 320 mile round trip. 

Once again my contact details are as follows:

Email:    miketheboilerman AT gmail.com

Mobile/text:     07866 766364




I also often get asked if I can recommend a reputable heating engineer in your home town (wherever that happens to be).... I'm sorry but I can't. I hardly even know any engineers here in Berkshire let alone wherever you might live!

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