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Combi boilers

Do I do combi boilers?

Yes. I repair them and have even installed them occasionally in the distant past, but I don't particularly like them!

Firstly, an overview of what a combi boiler actually is... 

A combi boiler combines in one single appliance the functions of an ordinary boiler, the hot water cylinder and cold tanks from the loft. It heats the house via radiators in the normal way but also provides hot water to the taps by passing fresh water through the boiler and heating it directly on its way to the tap. This removes the need for both the hot water cylinder and the cold water tanks, so combis let you get rid of the tanks in the loft and airing cupboard and regain the space. This can be very useful in a small home or flat, but combis also have quite a few drawbacks.

A lot of combis have been sold to people who were unaware of their limitations until they owned one (although there are a lot of satisfied combi users too), so if you ask me for a combi I'll want to be sure it is right for your circumstances and you understand the potential drawbacks before I fit it. Here are a few of them... combi problems 

Once you have read and digested the potential combi problems, come back here and read about how to pick your way through the bewildering range of combis on the market, what the differences are and how to choose the right one for you. 

Combi options...

There are several different features to consider, as follows:

Heat output

With/without secondary heat exchanger

Condensing or not

With/without stored hot water reservoir

Read more about them here

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