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Boilermate A-Class Ecodan:

What is it?

Firstly, if your Boilermate Ecodan doesn’t work, feel free to call or text me for advice on 07866 766364.

The Boilermate A-Class Ecodan is a thermal store, but unlike all the other Boilermates it isn’t heated by a conventional gas or oil boiler, but by a Mitsubishi heat pump installation. The heat pump uses refrigeration technology to extract heat energy from the air outside and raise the temperature of that heat energy so it can heat up the water in the Boilermate.

The whole package (Mitsubishi heat pump and specially adapted Boilermate A-Class) was sold by Gledhill for a short period about a decade ago to serve what was perceived as a growing demand for domestic heating systems with low carbon emissions. Unfortunately the Gledhill division making them went into liquidation following the 2007 economic crisis and slump in house building, and I understand let the staff go who designed the electronics in the Ecodan, so Gledhill no longer offers technical support for this version of the Boilermate. The parts in common with an ordinary Boilermate A-Class are still available but none of the components specific to the Ecodan (control electronics in particular) are not made any longer.

The Mitsubishi heat pump section of the Ecodan installation is however supported by Mitsubishi themselves. Their site technicians probably have more experience of the Gledhill Ecodan than most people like me who repair Gledhills. Heat pump installations need annual maintenance by heat pump technicians and this is important, as the efficiency of an unserviced heat pump can fall which reduces the cost benefit of having it in the first place and raises CO2 emissions. So my advice is to contact Mitsubishi and arrange an annual service contract anyway. 

Mitsubishi Home Electric can be contacted via their website https://les.mitsubishielectric.co.uk/homeowners/ecodan-owners or by calling them on 0161 866 6064

More about Mitsubishi home heat pumps here:


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