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(Last updated 21st April 2021)

Gledhill Gulfstream:

The Gledhill Gulfstream was an interesting concept boiler, combining a thermal store with a gas fired boiler to heat it, all in a single box. They perform very well when working but the implementation of the design is poor and they suffer numerous expensive breakdowns. Gledhill stopped making them eventually and withdrew all technical support for the gas side of Gulfstreams, leaving owners somewhat in the lurch. They have an unhappy knack of breaking down with one fault, then almost immediately breaking down with another completely unrelated fault, to the chagrin of both owners and repair engineers. Few still exist, most having been replaced long ago by disappointed owners.

Things to check before calling someone, if yours won’t work:

1) If you have neither heating nor hot water, check the lights on the front. Are any of them red? Press the two reset buttons. One on the right, and another on the left beneath the black cap which you’ll need to unscrew and remove. See this little video showing explaining the user controls. Scroll forward to 1 minute to see the black cap being removed to reveal the hidden re-set button.

This video also shows where to select emergency back-up heating and hot water heating by electricity, so you won’t be cold while you call out an engineer to repair the original fault.

2) If hot water is fine but you have cold radiators, check the timer on the front of the Gulfstream really is set to ON. You can over-ride it to fully ON by sliding the tiny little slide switch down to the ON position as shown in this close-up:

Also check your room thermostat (on the wall in the hallway or living room usually) is turned UP. 

3) If you have hot radiators but no hot water, there is nothing for the user to check unfortunately. If only the hot water has failed, and engineer will need to be called. In the meantime however, the “Switch” backup control can be set to the “Hot Water Continuous” position to get emergency hot water as shown in the short video above.

4) Finally, check the gas is turned ON! This may seem obvious but once in a while I get a call-out where the boiler is the only gas appliance, and either the gas meter control lever has been accidentally pushed over to the “OFF” position or worse, the pre-pay gas meter has simply run out of credit.

I have to say, I’m not able to guarantee fixing a Gulfstream should you call me for a repair. Not all parts are still available and and one of the most common failures is overheat tripping caused by a contaminated heat exchanger, and this cannot be fixed even with power-flushing. By all means call or text me to discuss any fault yours might have though. My number is 07866 766364. 

Lots more information over on my Gledhill Repairs discussion forum if you are technically minded. http://gledhill-repairs.forumotion.net/


Photo of Gledhill Gulfstream thermal store boiler in Wokingham, repaired by Mike the Boilerman March 2019
Photo showing time switch and exact location of tiny over-ride button
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