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Baxi Solo 2 and 3…


If your Baxi Solo has broken down call or text me for a quick and efficient repair on 07866 766364.


The Baxi Solo 2 and the Baxi Solo 3 boilers are virtually identical underneath slightly different front covers. They are basic non-condensing boilers with a durable cast iron heat exchanger and not a great deal to go wrong. Flue fan, PCB and occasionally a gas valve are about the only faults I ever encounter with this boiler.



Things to check first if yours won’t run:


1) Make sure the central heating programmer is set to ON and the room thermostat set to a high setting.


2) Pull the lower front cover from the boiler to expose the user controls. There is a row of orange-coloured LED lights. The light on the far left is the ‘overheat’ light and if the boiler has overheated this light will be ON. The boiler needs re-setting. Do this by turning the temperature control knob down to zero or OFF and the overheat light will go out. Wait a second or two then turn the temperature knob back up to its original setting and the boiler will probably light.



If neither of these suggestions works, then you’ll need a visit from a boiler technician. Call me if you wish and if you’re within driving distance of me in Reading. 07866 766364.



Photo of Baxi Solo 3 gas central heating boiler
Image showing LED light panel on Baxi Solo, including overheat light
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