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(Last updated 21st April 2021)

Potterton Profile:

Profile 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 and 100

Profile 30e, 40e, 50e, 60e, 80e, and 100e

The Potterton Profile is probably one of the best made and easiest boilers to maintain that Potterton ever made. If yours has failed, call or text me on 07866 766364 for details of how it might be fixed and the potential costs. 

Lots more about this boiler on my website for the Potterton Netaheat, here:


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Things to check before calling someone, if your Potterton Profile is not working:

1) Make sure your heating is turned ON at the programmer, and in particular the room thermostat is turned up high. I get the occasional breakdown call-out (especially in autumn) where all I have to do is find the room thermostat and turn it UP. There is not much else I can suggest you try unless you have a ‘Profile’ version Netaheat, in which case try 2 below.

2) find and press the ‘reset’ button underneath. This is an overheat protection device that many owners do not realise is there. Many a broken Potterton Profile has been fixed simply by pressing the button back in again!

3) The pilot light. I mention this because people try to find a way to light it, but none of the Potterton Profiles has a permanent pilot light. The boiler lights it’s own pilot light every time it starts so there is nothing the user can do to light it manually. Short video here.

3) Should you decide to call me, I will ask you a couple of questions about whether it sounds the same as normal but won’t light, and if you can see a spark or little flame through the viewing window. Answers will help me arrive at a provisional diagnosis on the phone.  

The faults I regularly encounter on Potterton Profiles tend to be one of the following:

Fan failure

Control board faults (in a number of different ways)

Air pressure switch failure including blocked hose restrictor

Gas valve solenoid open circuit

Thermostat failure

Overheat tripping

I’m happy to give technical help by email or text to anyone interested in diagnosing/fixing a Potterton Profile, but bear in mind the law requires anyone working on gas appliance to be competent, and if receiving payment for the work, Gas Safe Registered.

So if your Potterton Profile is within driving distance of me in Berkshire/Wiltshire, I’m happy to make the trip. Bear in mind the more time spent driving the higher the cost is likely to be. A repair will still be far cheaper than a new boiler though, and you get the heat back on in just a day or two with none of the delay and disruption associated with fitting a new boiler.

Call or text me for details on 07866 766364.

Potterton Profile. (The same boiler as a Potterton Netaheat Profile.)

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