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(Last updated 21st April 2021)

Potterton Prima:

Prima 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 and 100

The Potterton Prima is closely related to the Potterton Profile and the Potterton Suprima, being a curious mix of parts from each. It looks identical to a Profile but inside it has the heat exchanger of a Suprima, with most of the other parts (except the fan) from a Profile. Not a particularly common boiler but just as robust and easy to fix as the Profile and the Suprima. In fact all of my comments on my page here about the Potterton Profile apply equally to the Potterton Prima. If yours has failed, call or text me on 07866 766364 for details of how it might be fixed and the potential costs. 

I’ll add more to this page shortly, including some photos next time I encounter one!

Things to check before calling someone, if your Potterton Prima is not working:

See my Potterton Profile page here.

Call or text me for more details on 07866 766364.

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